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If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or Lung Cancer from asbestos exposure, you have may qualify for financial compensation.  There is over 30 billion dollars available for asbestos victims.  Call us today for a free, no obligation consultation.  Call Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 or fill out the contact form below and an Arizona Mesothelioma Lawyer will get back to you to discuss your claim.  Mesothelioma Law Firm AZ

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Navy Veterans have a high rate of mesothelioma and lung cancer disease because of the asbestos used on ships.  Below is a list of Navy Cruisers that contained asbestos products:

United States Navy Cruisers with Asbestos

USS Alaska CB 1

USS Albany CA 123

USS Amsterdam CL 101

USS Astoria CL 34

USS Astoria CL 90

USS Atlanta CL 104

USS Atlanta CL 51

USS Augusta CA 31

USS Baltimore CA 68

USS Bainbridge CGN 25

USS Belknap CG 26

USS Biddle CG 34

USS Biloxi CL 80

USS Birmingham CL 62

USS Boise CL 47

USS Boston CA 169

USS Bremerton CA 130

USS Brooklyn CL 40

USS Canberra CA 70

USS Chester CA 27

USS Chicago CA 29

USS Cleveland CL 55

USS Columbia CL 56

USS Columbus CA 74

USS Dale CG 19

USS Dayton CL 105

USS Denver CL 58

USS Des Moines CA 134

USS Duluth CL 87

USS England CG 22

USS Fall River CA 131

USS Fargo CL 106

USS Flint CL 97

USS Fox CG 33

USS Fresno CL 121

USS Galveston CL 93

USS Gridley CG 21

USS Guam CB 2

USS Halsey CG 23

USS Harry E. Yarnell CG 17

USS Helena CL 50

USS Helena CA 75

USS Honolulu CL 48

USS Horne CG 30

USS Houston CA 30

USS Houston CL 81

USS Huntington CL 107

USS Indianapolis CA 35

USS Josephus Daniels CG 27

USS Jouett CG 29

USS Juneau CL 52

USS Juneau CL 119

USS Leahy CG 16

USS Lexington CV 2

USS Little Rock CL 92

USS Los Angeles CA 135

USS Louisville CA 28

USS Macon CA 132

USS Manchester CL 83

USS Marblehead CL 12

USS Memphis CL 13

USS Miami CL 89

USS Milwaukee CL 5

USS Minneapolis CA 36

USS Mobile CL 63

USS Montpelier CL 57

USS Nashville CL 43

USS New Orleans CA 32

USS Newport News CA 148

USS Northhampton CA 26

USS Northampton CA 125

USS Oakland CL 95

USS Oklahoma City CL 91

USS Oklahoma City CLG 5

USS Oregon City CA 122

USS Omaha CL 4

USS Pasadena CL 65

USS Pensacola CA 24

USS Philadelphia CL 41

USS Phoenix CL 46

USS Pittsburgh CA 72

USS Portland CA 33

USS Portsmouth CL 102

USS Providence CL 82

USS Quincy CA 39

USS Quincy CA 71

USS Raleigh CL 7

USS Reeves CG 24

USS Reno CL 96

USS Richmond CL 9

USS Richmond K. Turner CG 20

USS Roanoke CL 145

USS Rochester CA 124

USS St Paul CA 73

USS Salem CA 139

USS Salt Lake City CA 25

USS San Diego CL 53

USS San Francisco CA 38

USS San Juan CL 54

USS Santa Fe CL 60

USS Savannah CL 42

USS Spokane CL 120

USS Springfield CL 66

USS St Louis CL 49

USS Sterett CG 31

USS Toledo CA 133

USS Topeka CL 67

USS Trenton CL 11

USS Tucson CL 98

USS Tuscaloosa CA 37

USS Vicksburg CL 86

USS Vincennes CA 44

USS Vincennes CL 64

USS Wichita CA 45

USS Wilkes Barre CL 103

USS William H. Standley CG 32

USS Worcester CL 144

USS Worden CG 18

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